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Reducing food waste

Food waste is a waste of money and a major source of environmental damage. We aim to minimize it to zero, while simultaneously highlighting the value of our merchandise. With Wasteless, we dynamically optimize pricing based on the most relevant, location-specific, economical factors, so that we attach the maximum value to the products sold in a store, while creating a fluctuating demand for all varieties of expiration dates available for a specific SKU, thereby enabling the store to earn more while reducing waste.

Increasing revenue

Think of a digital vending machine, where a robotic arm intelligently maneuvers supply, inventory, and pricing. At any moment, with perfect precision, it can capture the best possible on-time financial return on a sale. Making product offerings more relevant to real-time demand increases sales in total dollars and volume.

Reducing out-of-stock

Out-of-stock is lost revenue. But it’s also a loss of customer loyalty. Supermarkets and retailers work very hard to capture customer attention. If a customer is already in store to make a purchase, the lack of inventory leads to the loss of that sale, and in turn, a decrease in customer loyalty.

Supermarkets often try to combat waste by ordering less, which may lead to out of stock occurrences. With Wasteless, inventory levels, sales, shelf capacity, and pricing are all taken into account to ensure the shelf is optimally stocked to match demand. Not too much, not too little, but exactly the right amount.

Big Data

Wasteless uses big data gathered by the engine to retain supermarket consumers and save food. With our Big Data engine, supermarkets can understand consumers’ sweet spots and price elasticity per product. On the operational side, supermarkets can devise incentive plans for suppliers that meet freshness compliance. They can also measure freshness impact over marketing campaigns, and use the data to predict shrinkage and manage donations. Lastly, Big Data capabilities play a key role for suppliers. Wasteless allows suppliers to achieve full transparency with their goods, understand the state of their shelf space, and forecast additional future supply needs or goods performance.

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33 %

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40 %

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