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Wasteless is not only aimed at supermarkets but is also available for suppliers. If you’re a supplier that collects returns from supermarkets, Wasteless is for you. Let us know who you’re working with, and we’ll help you make more of your produce.

Less Returns/Waste

With Wasteless, your order is matched with actual shelf capacity and demand. This allows your goods to be sold at the best price and time, but in cases of demand fluctuation, Wasteless can also ensure that your goods sell before they expire.

More Revenue

A supermarket's ability to return goods leaves the supplier with no control in terms of order size and the amount in relation to the selling power of the retailer. In many cases, retailers simply want to display full shelves to impress their customers. This can lead to high return rates from retailers. Wasteless enables slashing retailer waste and return rates, letting you increase revenue from your produce.

Understand your merchandize

Gain full visibility on how your goods are performing. Understand metrics such as volume, shelf life, shelf capacity, sales, pricing, and more.


Collecting actionable data on your goods is crucial. Use the data to feed your supply operation, avoid out-of-stock or overstock events, forecast future shipments, understand at any moment how your goods are performing, and check at what price they’re being sold.


Wasteless works with suppliers and supermarkets in a triadic relationship to help suppliers sell more, produce less waste, and gain greater access to understanding how their goods perform, so they can act on this information.

The Supplier


The Supermarket


Learn how food suppliers are creating a better food system through Wasteless dynamic pricing solution

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