Simple and Easy

Wasteless provides better prices to any consumer for the most basic groceries. From poor to rich, young to adult, every consumer is making a decision on how they’re going to behave from a financial as well as a moral standpoint. Buying an item with a short expiration date grants the consumer improved pricing, but more importantly, it improves the wellbeing of each individual, making us a part of nature’s ecosystem, while we reduce our waste and carbon footprint.

Electronic Shelf Label

For every single SKU we work with in-store, there’s a correlated ESL to show the consumer the available prices for that SKU. The ESL can display a single price in case no product is available for discounted pricing, whereas it can display two prices in cases where different prices are available. In that case, the ESL displays one price with an expiration date, and a regular price for the remaining products within that SKU.

The products on the shelf are managed according to the practice of first in, first out (FIFO), which means that the products expiring sooner are placed at the front, whereas those with a longer expiration date are placed at the back. The consumer who is making a purchase decision picks the desired expiration date and continues with the purchase. A simple and seamless user experience for every type of buyer.

Online checkout

Similar to the Wasteless in-store experience, our online platform allows every retailer to deploy Wasteless' dynamic pricing without requiring ESL installation. Our online integration to the retailer's store grants every consumer the ability to pick a product with a longer expiration date (and pay the regular price), or buy products with a shorter expiration date (and pay less). At the click of a button.

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