Increase sales and reduce food waste with dynamic pricing

Wasteless is the world’s first machine-learning solution with real-time tracking for grocery stores looking to offer customers dynamic pricing based on a product’s expiration date. Reduced food waste and increased revenue by enabling dynamic pricing for grocers.

Dynamic pricing

To reduce waste and optimize revenue, the Wasteless pricing engine employs a branch of machine learning, called, Reinforcement Learning. This enables our engine to adapt quickly to how consumers respond to dynamic pricing, thus being able to identify the optimal discount policy.

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If you’re already managing inventory using smart barcodes like GS1 Databar, barcodes with expiration dates, RFID, or other, we’ve made simple integration possible for a seamless experience. For all other cases, we’ve devised a simple process that will manage your inventory for you.


Our system integrates with any Android smartphone or PDA, and enables your employees to scan arriving batches, track expiration dates, collect location data, and upload everything in real time to the Wasteless database.


Ideally, with the expiration date in the barcode, the Wasteless POS-integrated GS1 Databar automatically pulls up the correct date and corresponding price (as well as any discounts). Alternatively, it prompts the cashier to select the correct expiration date for the product so that the system can call the right price. Online checkouts prompt the consumer to select the desired expiration date/price.

Alternative integrations

GS1 Databar

GS1 DataBar barcodes are barcodes that carry information such as the expiration date, lot number, and a host of other data. If your chain is using or testing DataBar barcodes, or any other barcodes that carry more than just the UPC code of a product, then we can perform a simple integration with your current barcoding system to deploy the Wasteless System seamlessly on top of your data bar infrastructure.


As the industry progresses in tandem with technological advancements, supermarket chains have come to understand the large-scale value of RFID as a replacement for the standard UPC barcodes. Chains that use individual RFID tagging already have the capability to carry expiration dates on their tag, which simplifies Wasteless integration. If your chain is using RFID, Wasteless can integrate easily with your current system and deploy our pricing engine, taking advantage of the RFID infrastructure.

Simple and easy

Electronic Shelf Label

Automated Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) systems reduce pricing management costs, improve pricing accuracy, and enable dynamic pricing.

Online Check out

Simple online integration allows every consumer to choose the shelf life and price of the product they wish to purchase.

Electronic Shelf Label

Simple online integration allows every consumer to choose the shelf life and the price of the product they desire.

Online Check out

Simple online integration allows every consumer to choose the shelf life and the price of the product they desire.


Real-time merchandise tracking and pricing


IT integration

24/7 Transparent tracking


Integration with ordering system

Case studies

Leading Spanish Retailer

Spanish retailer cuts a third of its food waste using Wasteless dynamic pricing.

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